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Keeping Your Accounts

Sandra Silk Mini Guide to Keeping Your AccountsSandra Silk's Mini Guide to Keeping your Accounts
gives new and start up business owners some basic information about keeping accounts.

Lots of people have a business idea but most don't know what to do or how to get started.  There is, of course, lots of information on the internet but it can be overwehlming and conflicting and filtering it to what is important to you is time consuming.

Perhaps you want to know what records you should keep, what paperwork is relevant and how long you must keep it for?

Maybe you need some tips on raising invoices and managing your credit control (very important if you want your business to grow!).

Or do you need to know what expenses you can put through your business?

This Mini Guide has been written based on some of the questions we are asked.  As a business owner you probably feel you should know everything but no-one does and sometimes a bit of guidance is all you need.

Our Mini Guide is free when you book a start up business consultation.


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