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Natasha, Caffe Delizia

Sandra has made learning about Sage so much nicer than I was expecting.  I feel I have learnt so much more than I thought I would - things I didn't even ask to learn.  It was a pleasure and a huge help to our business.

Sage Accounts Training for Business

Sandra Silk Bookkeeping and Business Services can provide one-to-one Sage Accounts training on your premises using your own Sage Accounts software (Instant or Sage 50) and your own paperwork.

Learning in this way is very effective as you will learn how to deal with the paperwork you have in your business.

Our training is flexible and is usually offered in half day sessions on a one to one basis so you can learn as much or as little as you want at your own pace without becoming overloaded.

Choose the training you need


This gives you an overview of Sage Accounts which will enable you to find the information you need. This training is ideal for business owners who do not do the day to day bookkeeping themselves but want to have some understanding of what is being done.


This training will enable you to raise your own sales invoices in Sage Accounts and produce statements to send to your customers.  This will ensure that you raise timely invoices rather than waiting until your bookkeeper's next visit.


Learn to record your suppliers invoices, produce a report so you know who you owe and record your payments to your suppliers.  Learn how to use your customer and supplier records to view transactions and to search for information.


Learn to do bank reconciliation, VAT returns and produce monthly management reports.


There is always something to learn.  A refresher will remind you of the things you have forgotten and update you with the things you didn't know Sage could do!

Book two or more training sessions for a discount and a period of support so you can contact us to ask "How do I.......?".


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