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HMRC Business Tax Dashboard for Employers


HM Revenue and Customs have an extremely useful online tool which enables businesses to view their overall tax position online.  The Business Tax Dashboard will also provide information about other taxes such as VAT, Self Assessment and Corporation Tax.

The PAYE dashboard is particularly useful for employers who can view the information submitted under RTI and the PAYE payments made.  Regular review of this account will ensure that the information recorded is correct and agrees with your own accounts record.

The Dashboard currently hold PAYE information back to 2010-11 and shows P35 information as well as payments received for each year up to 2013-14.  For 2013-14 it shows each RTI submission and each payment received.  Prior year information will show underpayments and overpayments are likely to be shown as "Not Available".

It has proved invaluable to us when dealing with underpayment notifications from HMRC as we are able to review the payments received against what has been paid as HMRC refuse to provide this information over the telephone or in writing.  However it does get a little confusing at times as HMRC do not allocate one payment against one month. Instead they make up an underpayment with the next payment made - this will probably be quie difficult to unravel at year end if ever it is necessary to reconcile payments.

Unfortunately only employers can access this information - HMRC are not currently allowing payroll agents to access the information directly.  As a payroll bureau we deal with every other aspect of payroll on behalf of clients and talk to and correspond with HMRC so this is extremely frustrating for us and for our employers who do not want to go through the process of setting up a Dashboard.  

We can only hope that HMRC allow us access very soon.  In the meantime we ask our client employers for their permission to set up access on their behalf ensuring that both they and us have the login details.

For more information visit HMRC website.


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