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What value will outsourcing add to my business?


Can a business owner do everything?  We would like to think we can but as our business grows inevitably we need help. But what help do we need and where do we get it?

What help?

That depends on what you do best for your business.  Are you the best person to sell your services or product?  Are you the best person to deliver the service or product? Are you the best person to keep the accounts?  Do you have marketing skills, finance skills, sales skills, management skills, etc, etc.  Small business owners need so many skills to keep their business going and growing.

Outsourcing is the contracting out of a business service to a third party.

So many businesses now provide business services that it is possible to outsource the parts of your business that you are not best at.  How enjoyable do you find dealing with your accounts, writing marketing material that works, keeping your website up to date?  It is all time consuming however much you enjoy what you are doing.

So have you considered what you could outsource to free your time to work on increasing your turnover and growing your business?

Payroll can be a very time consuming task but is one of the most easily outsourced.  How much time do you spend processing your payroll each month, keeping up to date with legislation, researching SMP, SSP, SPP, holiday pay and all those other little oddities which don't occur frequently enough for you to remember what you have to do?  Auto-enrolment will soon be upon us too - yet more time finding out what you have to do!

Keeping your accounts, unless it is your favourite task, will be left to the last minute.  Figures put together the day the VAT return is due - the same day you find out you have lots of missing paperwork and can't claim back all the VAT you thought you could!  Is that really best use of your time?  How much could you have earned that day - or two?

Where from?

Networking provides opportunities to meet other business owners and you may meet someone who can offer you the help you need.

Flicking through local papers, reading articles and noticing adverts may trigger thoughts on how someone could help ease the load in your business.

But how can you be sure they are right for you?  Referral is the best solution but failing that do some research.  Do they have a website, are there testimonials from customers, do they seem experienced, knowledgeable, professional?  At the end of the day you can only tell by meeting them.  Can you work with them?  Can they provide what you need?

But its expensive ..............

Help Please

Is it?  How much does it cost you to do that job.  Think about all of the time you spend doing it.  The research, the sorting, the filing, the writing, the recording of information, the checking, the adding up, etc, etc, etc.  

So...... what value will outsourcing add to my business?

What can I spend my time doing instead?  

What can someone experienced and knowledgeable add to my business that I can't?

Contact us if you want to grow your business as we guarantee we will add value.




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