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As qualified bookkeepers and not qualified accountants we don't offer accountancy compliance services such as tax returns, partnership or limited company accounts.  This is because, whilst we may have covered the foundation of these in our bookkeeping  qualifications, we don't have the knowledge or experience to give our clients the advice they need on tax matters. Of course we know what can be claimed for both VAT and tax purposes but when it comes down to knowing how best to use the tax rules for your personal and business circumstances we leave that to accountants who work with tax matters frequently and for more clients and therefore have the knowledge and experience that we don't.   Because we choose not to do this work…
How does your response to new enquiries reflect on you and your business? Do you pay for advertising but don't bother to follow up when someone makes an enquiry? The way my enquiry is dealt with, whatever the type of business, will, in most cases, will make my decision for me.  If I contact two or three companies with the same enquiry the one that is responsive, interested and helpful will be my choice.  First impressions really count. This was really brought home to me over the last few weeks…
Do you keep track of your payments to suppliers and receipts from your customers? Not all suppliers are efficient in keeping track of the incoming payments from their customers and equally not all customers keep track of how much they have paid their supplier.…
There are just 3 months left until the deadline for submission of your tax return for 2019-20.  Late and non submission will incur penalties starting at £100 and will increase if the return is over 3 months late.  During this year the importance of submitting tax returns on time became clear because those who hadn't weren't able to receive the SEISS grant which was based on tax returns submitted in previous years. So how do you know if you need to complete a tax return…
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