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I have just reached a milestone of 15 years in business.  It has been challenging, rewarding and enlightening.  I have had to learn to do things it never occurred to me I would have to do when I started out.  I have had opportunities and experiences that I would never would have had. …
It doesn't seem that long ago that we were talking to employers about setting up an auto enrolment pension scheme and the eligibility of their staff to join the scheme.  We held a seminar for our payroll clients to talk them through what was involved in setting up and managing the scheme and to let them know how we could help them.…
As a bookkeeper I have contact with lots of business owners who are in one or more of the following situations and need help.  It is always difficult to ask for help when you don't know exactly what you need help with but just know you can't continue as you are. …
All growing businesses will become VAT registered. It is not daunting. You just need to become organised with your record keeping and remember your VAT return deadlines. So what should you know about becoming VAT registered? …
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