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On 9 March 2018 HMRC released the names of employers who have paid their staff less than the minimum wage.  They release this report quarterly and it is surprising how many businesses are on this list each quarter.  This time there are 179 businesses who have underpaid their employees between £100 and £133,000.  They don't report on underpayments less than £100 although that doesn't mean they don't take action.…
Employers should be planning ahead for the national minimum wage and pension contribution increases which will take effect from April 2018. The new rates will be:…
There can't be many employers who aren't aware of the living wage rate which comes into effect from 6th April 2016. Increasing the minimum wage for employees aged 25 and over from £6.70 per hour to £7.20 per hour this will be a significant cost for some employers especially in businesses such as hospitality, child care and care in the home for the elderly and disabled.…
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