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Despite all the advertising on the television, on the radio and in the press as well as numerous articles by those involved with Auto Enrolment there are still employers who think they don't have to do anything about setting up a pension scheme. We know because they are coming to us for help after their Staging Date has passed.…
Learning how to do something new is a challenge. Some people learn because they like a challenge, others because of necessity. As a business owner you have to learn all sorts of skills which didn't even occur to you when you were working through your ideas for setting up your business. Sometimes those skills are learnt from trial and error but sometimes you just need someone to guide you.…
As a bookkeeper with a successful bookkeeping practice I frequently receive emails from people who want to become bookkeepers asking me for advice. I am happy to answer their questions and point them in the right direction for qualifications. Or at least I was....…
All businesses need to provide an invoice whether that is a till receipt, a handwritten one from a duplicate book, your own template using Word or Excel, or a bespoke invoice from your accounts software. If you deal with lots of suppliers you will receive a variety of invoice formats. How many of these give you the basic information you need clearly? So when comparing confusing and straightforward invoices from your suppliers with your own company's invoices which category do your invoices fall into? …
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