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In my blog last week I wrote about the varied reasons why clients leave. This week I thought I would consider why they choose to stay with us and on reflection I think it is probably for similar reasons to those that I have for staying with the individuals and companies who support our business:…
I have been a bookkeeper for quite a few years now and it is always sad when you have to say goodbye to a client.  As a bookkeeper I am trusted with confidential financial information and often become the first port of call for running through new ideas or sharing business issues.  Every business owner goes through ups and downs with their business…
If you are earning income from a business activity you must register with HMRC as self-employed (also known as being a sole trader) and submit a self-assessment tax return annually by 31st January each year. A business activity includes:…
Business owners can’t do it all as much as they would like to.  There just isn’t enough time once your business is growing. Eventually you will feel swamped with paper and to do lists.  Everyone has different skills and at the top of your task list will be the things you like to do and the things which are income generating and at the bottom are the things which you will get round to when you need to.  Eventually there comes a time when those things at the bottom of the list have to be done and you either work more hours, you outsource or you employ someone.…
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