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For the last week our team have enjoyed the company of a sixth form student on work experience. Rosie is considering accountancy as a career and wanted to experience the type of work involved.  Whilst we are not accountants we are responsible for keeping the accounts records before they are passed to an accountant so our work was a good insight to the foundations of accountancy.  This was a completely new experience for us so our bookkeepers planned carefully the things that they thought would be useful for her to see and do.…
Last week HMRC finally announced their revised plans for Making Tax Digital (MTD) after it was put on hold whilst the election process took place.  Originally MTD was to be implemented for businesses over the VAT registration threshold from April 2018 but this now won't be mandatory until April 2019.…
It is surprising how many emails I receive asking how much we charge for bookkeeping.  Of course that is the uppermost thought when deciding to get some outside help with something.  How much is it going to cost me? But how can I give you a price when I have no idea what you need, what your business does, whether your accounts are up to date or in a mess or whether you have a VAT return due next week. We do not have a "one price fits all" package. …
The VAT threshold for 2017-18 is £85,000 which means that if your business has taxable sales equal to or above this amount over a 12 month period you must register for VAT.  For example if these sales from April to March total £80,000 you do not need to register for VAT but if the taxable sales from May to April, just one month later, total £85,000 or more you must register for VAT. Taxable sales are goods or services you sell which have a tax rate of 0% or 20%.  If you sell goods or services which are exempt or outside the scope of VAT then you do not need to register for VAT.…
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