Acting as your agent for PAYE with HMRC

One of the valuable services we can offer you as our payroll client is that we will deal with HMRC on your behalf.

We, of course, have to be authorised by you but once you have authorised us it enables us to speak to and/or correspond with HMRC about any PAYE issues that occur when we are doing your payroll.

If you have never had any contact with HMRC you are one of the lucky few! Many of our clients are contacted by HMRC and find it not only frustrating but are unsure how best to handle the situation. Because we have experience of many different situations we usually know how best to approach the issue. And HMRC are not always right!

Dealing with HMRC takes time and sufficient knowledge of the payroll and accounts to provide appropriate and accurate information. The business owners we work with like to have someone who will deal with this on their behalf. We have never had any unsuccessful outcomes, even though in some cases it has taken up to a year to achieve a result.

Would you like the peace of mind our clients have?

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