Pension Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment affects all employers.  

Every employer has been allocated a Staging Date by which time they must have a pension scheme in place.

Even if you think your employees will not want to be part of a pension scheme you still have to put one in place.

All eligible employees must be enrolled into the pension scheme at your Staging Date and after that they can choose to opt out but you must not encourage them to opt out.  Your pension scheme must also be available for other employees who choose to join it. 

You will have to contribute to the pension scheme but you may have some employees who choose to join who you do not have to make a contribution for.

It is tough for small employers to have yet more red tape and expense foisted upon them but its a task which has to be done in order to avoid fines from The Pension Regulator of £500 per day for not complying.

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