Sick Pay is a statutory payment due to employees who meet certain criteria:

  • Their period of sickness must last at least four consecutive days (including non working days)
  • They must be earning at least £112 per week before tax
  • They must have advised their employer of their sickness absence within the time frame set out in their contract of employment
  • They must provide a sick certificate or fit note if the absence lasts longer than seven days

Statutory Sick PayStatutory Sick Pay (SSP) for 2016/17 is £88.45 per week or £17.69 for each day of absence after the first 3 days which are unpaid.

SSP is payable by the employer for a maximum of 28 weeks.

No part of the statutory payment is repaid to the employer.  

If an employee does not meet the criteria to receive SSP or has reached the 28 week maximum the employer must provide them with an SSP1 settng out why they cannot receive SSP.

Employees on Statutory Maternity Pay cannot receive SSP.

SSP is paid at the same time as normal wages.  Tax and National Insurance Contributions will be deducted.

Employees can receive SSP from more than one employer if they have more than one job.