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Bookkeepers need to adapt to survive


There is an interesting article on AccountingWeb which has prompted 22 comments so far. Titled “Bookkeepers need to adapt to survive” it discusses the changes brought by cloud accounting and how bookkeepers are no longer needed because business owners can do the books themselves more quickly and easily than ever before.

The comments make interesting reading but whilst technology is constantly developing and making life easier for everyone (supposedly) there are still business owners who don’t want want to do with their paperwork and just want the comfort of knowing their books are being kept properly and they are meeting the requirements imposed on them by HMRC.

Good bookkeepers are still in demand because business owners can’t do everything themselves. Bookkeepers will have knowledge and experience that few business owners will have and from my experience are a good source of information and contacts for growing businesses. Accountants usually appreciate good bookkeepers who pass them accurate records rather than business owners who have had too little time to complete their records.

Yes we do have to adapt to new technology but there is still a place for a good bookkeeper and the knowledge they bring.

Click here to read the article and the comments in full.

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