Last week was a time of celebration.  A wedding has been the discussion of our office for the last few months and Saturday was the day.  Sarah has been part of our "family" for three and a half years so it was an exciting moment when she announced that she and Paul were getting married.  We have enjoyed hearing about the wedding plans and it certainly brought back memories for me.

A "hen night" was a perfect excuse a few days earlier to enjoy an evening out together.  Something we don't get chance to do very often.  But it was a reminder that it is good to have some social time with the people that you work with.  Its easier with a small team because you are able to talk to everyone and its a chance to relax, share a glass of wine (or two) and talk about something other than work.  Its an opportunity to have interesting discussions which wouldn't happen at work.  Its time to talk without the pressure of work and the phone ringing.

Sarah & PaulThe weather on Saturday couldn't have been more perfect and the bride and groom were  a very happy couple.  The bouncy castle certainly kept children as well as adults entertained for the afternoon!

The wedding reception was another chance to spend time together - this time with our significant others.  Again this was a great opportunity to enjoy some social time and to get to know the other family members just a little.

Opportunities like this are a reminder that work can be more than just a place to go to earn money.  Most employees spend a significant amount of their week at work and to know that you have people there that you can share your experiences with, good and bad, is a bonus.  We work hard when we are at work but knowing that we can share and enjoy some downtime outside of work is great.


Sandra Silk Bookkeeping


 Congratulations Sarah and Paul