As a bookkeeper I have contact with lots of business owners who are in one or more of the following situations and need help.  It is always difficult to ask for help when you don't know exactly what you need help with but just know you can't continue as you are. 

Are your accounts in a muddle? 

Do you find it difficult to find time to keep them up to date? 

Do you wonder if whether you are getting your accounts right or not? 

Are there things you don't understand but think you really should?

Are you getting the support you need from your accountant?

Do you need help with Xero?


These are just a few examples of the support we have given to new clients this year.  

A business in its second year was let down by their accountant who was doing their bookkeeping and statutory accounts.  The business owner approached us 6 weeks before the statutory accounts were due to be filed as the accountant had not done the accounts at all for the previous 12 months.  The bookkeeping needed to be done and the statutory accounts filed on time to avoid a penalty.  The accountant did not offer any support to the business owner and had really left things in a mess.  We took on the bookkeeping and recommended an accountant.  Once the bookkeeping was completed we gave the owner some training in Xero so they could do some of the bookkeeping themselves and, along with the accountant, talked through the finance implications of having a limited company, being VAT registered and managing cash flow.

A business needed someone to complete bank reconciliations and quarterly VAT returns as well as produce management reports and financial guidance.  Their day to day bookkeeping was being done by an administrator after the previous bookkeeper left and they needed someone to support the new person and review the work being done as well as providing some training in the basics.  We visit for just half a day per month to complete the reconciliations, VAT returns and management reporting and provide email and telephone support in between if needed.

A business owner found themselves struggling to keep up with inputting the sales and purchases for their two retail businesses.  We took this on for them bringing their accounts up to date and completing bank reconciliations on a weekly basis.  They are now able to produce up to date management reports and are able to manage cash flow as well as knowing that the VAT returns are accurate and ready to be submitted.

A new business about to start trading asked us to take on their bookkeeping to include registering them for VAT and CIS.  They knew they would need support with the registrations as they didn't know what they needed to do.  It was not a straightforward registration and did become a bit of a nightmare with HMRC who would not talk to me (I could not be agent until the registration had been done) and bringing my client in to give authorisation for them to talk to me was not always practical.  It does help to have a third party in these situations because we are used to dealing with HMRC and it makes the stress factor slightly less for the client.  

Sandra Silk Bookkeeping Team

As a team we not only provide bookkeeping support but are friendly and approachable and will spend time with you to help you understand your finances, get the accounts back on track for you and sort out any issues you have with HMRC if we can.

A bookkeeper is far more than just a number cruncher and will keep you up to date with the things you need to know.  Our clients receive monthly newsletters with links to our blogs and other information which we feel will be helpful.  It is a good way of keeping in touch and for them to contact us about any of the items which particularly interest them.

So if you feel you are not receiving the support you would like, need some help to understand your accounts or just need someone to take over give us a call on 01722 341820 and see how we can help you.