Many businesses have been formed over the last 9 months whilst we have been in this never before experienced situation.  Employees have been furloughed and some businesses have not been able to continue trading, or not in the way they have done previously.

This has given people time to think and assess their work future and in many cases a business idea has emerged. A business which can develop because of or in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic.  People have had the time to put more time into their hobby and develop it into something which can create an income.

It doesn't matter how small the idea or how unusual the hobby there is the possibility that it can be grown into a business.  It may not become a multi-million pound sort of business, but it could become a good lifestyle business for you.  A business which provides you with enough income to live on and leave you time for yourself, your family and your other interests.  A business which can be worked on at home and doesn't require a large amount of investment.

Whatever you choose to do to create an income for yourself will become a business.  The costs you incur to create your income should leave you with a profit to reinvest or take as income for yourself.  This is the start of your business and as soon as you spend money and have income you need to know what you need to do as a business owner.

Start Up Business Support
I provide new business consultations to those who are just starting out where I give guidance on the finance related aspects of what you need to know and what you need to do.  The consultation is an opportunity to ask your questions and get answers specific to you and your business.  Its a chance to start with all the basic business finance information you should know and need to action.

If you are interested in having a one to one consultation with me give me a call to tell me about your business and to book a convenient time.  Our consultations are held via Zoom and last for around one hour.  You will also receive our Mini Guide to Keeping your Accounts.