Giving employers peace of mind is vital when processing payroll.  Peace of mind comes from knowing that your chosen provider has the knowledge and expertise to deal with every aspect of your payroll from complex calculations to legislative changes. That they can understand and deal with HMRC when necessary and can explain payroll situations clearly.

We have provided payroll services to employers since 2003 and whilst the last 12 months have been one of the most challenging, over the years there have been numerous changes to payroll which we have adapted to.  Pay for employees is calculated every week or every month and it can be a challenging and time consuming task.  Never more so than over the past year if you have needed to furlough your employees.  All those rules and changes of rules to follow!

Calculating pay is only straightforward if your employees are on the same pay week after week or month after month, never need to receive sick pay and you only take on starters at the beginning of the month and allow people to leave on the last day of the month with no holiday owing to them!  Payroll is rarely that simple!

Are you fed up keeping up with changing legislation? 
Do you want to relieve yourself of your payroll challenges? 
Do you feel you are not getting the best service from your current payroll provider?

With just one payroll month to go until the new tax year now is the best time to outsource or change your payroll provider so that payroll can be set up and ready to go in April.  Last year we implemented new payroll software which has increased efficiency for ourselves and our employers and our payroll team now has capacity to take on a few more employers from April 2021.  So whether you just have one or two employees or 40+ we can provide you with a friendly, efficient and cost effective payroll and pension service. 

In every business there are things you do which you just know are better left to someone else who has more knowledge and experience in that field than you.  Payroll is definitely one of those things.

Our payroll experts calculate pay for over 400 employees every month for employers who have just one or two employees to some who have 40-50.  That gives them endless experience with starters and leavers, minimum wage, apprenticeship rates, maternity pay, sick pay and of course furlough pay.  Our payroll administrators support employers with information and advice when situations become a little (or a lot!) complex and sort out any issues that arise.

We have taken on and sorted out payrolls and pension schemes which have been in a bit of a mess, have resolved the issues and employers have payrolls which are running smoothly and employees who aren't forever questioning their pay.

If you would like someone else to take control of your payroll contact us.  

This is how we will support you

As one of our employers you will 

  • Have a dedicated payroll professional managing all aspects of your payroll and pension requirements
  • Receive accurate and timely payroll information 
  • Be advised of any information which has affected your employees' pay in that period so you can keep them informed
  • Know that HMRC will receive payroll information by the due date
  • Have access to an online portal so that your payroll reports are always available
  • Receive unlimited telephone and email support
  • Receive updates from us relating to payroll matters
  • Have peace of mind

And your employees will:

  • Have access to their payslips on their pay date, their P45 (if they leave) and their P60 at the end of each tax year from an online portal or via an app on their phone
For payroll peace of mind

Take action now and call our payroll team to get your peace of mind.  Or read Our Reviews to find out what some of our clients think about us - and then call us!