When I was interviewed for my first job I was told by the interviewer that I wouldn't get it because I didn't have any experience.  I had just left college and it was my first interview.  I asked how I would get experience if no-one employed  me. 

A few days later I received the inevitable rejection letter but on the same day a phone call offering me the job!  Of course I realised their first choice had turned down their offer, perhaps the 2nd and 3rd ones too!  Maybe I was the last choice - I never asked.  I accepted of course and remained in that job for two and a half years until I left to get married and move abroad.  It was one of my most enjoyable jobs.

That was one of the many jobs I have had which has given me the knowledge and experience to run my own business.  I remember very well how I felt at that first interview wondering how on earth I would get experience if no-one would give me the chance.  Since I set up my business I have mostly taken on employees who were in the same situation - a qualification but no opportunity.   

This applies to the businesses we work with too.  

I recently took an enquiry from a business owner who had been trying to find someone to take on their Xero accounts but each time they were told their business was too small.  The business is not local to us but the owner cast their net wider and found us.  We don't reject small businesses or new businesses because, with the right support, they will grow.  Even if they don't expand and decide to remain a "lifestyle" business they will learn to manage their finances and will appreciate the knowledge and experience we can support them with.

Of course new businesses are strapped for cash and that is probably why larger firms or individuals think it is not worth the effort.  But my experience is that a small fee to start with grows as the business grows and as long as the business owner feels they are benefitting they will remain loyal customers.  Many of the businesses we work with now were new businesses when we started working with them and 17+ years later they are still with us and thriving.

Those business have gone on to grow in turnover, become VAT registered and take on staff and our fees have increased as the need increases.  They turn to us for advice and our experience with different businesses means we can generally point them in the right direction for support or information we are not able to provide ourselves.  And when those businesses outgrow us we help them recruit an in-house bookkeeper and support that bookkeeper as needed.  We still have contact with many of those businesses providing them with payroll and auto enrolment services, year end reviews or just as a sounding block.

If you are a small business who thinks you are too small to have a bookkeeper to help keep your accounts under control - think again.   "From great oaks little acorns grow" and we will work with you to help that happen.

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