You may think that outsourcing your payroll is too costly but have you considered the benefits and the savings you would make.  Here are just 4 of them.

1. Peace of Mind

Outsourcing your payroll means you will never again have to worry whether your payroll is correct.  The employers we work with know that they can rely on us to calculate their employees' pay in advance of the pay date and will advise them on payroll matters as and when needed.  Payroll information will be submitted to HMRC on time and any queries with HMRC will be dealt with on your behalf.

2. Knowledge and Expertise

When you process your own payroll you have to research how to deal with each new situation to ensure you are using the most recent way of calculating or applying tax as it may have changed since the last time you had that particular payroll situation.

If you outsource your payroll you won't have to even think about how to deal with something because our payroll experts are on hand to do that for you.  Their knowledge and their experience enables them to advise you and process your payroll correctly.

3. Time Saving

Outsourcing your payroll releases your time to continue running your business and doing what you are best at.  Even if your payroll is straightforward it takes time away from your core business activities.

4. Cost Effective

When you outsource your payroll you will not need to worry about the cost of payroll software, what software to use and whether it does everything you need because we do that for you.  Payroll software varies in price, its ability to do everything you need and its ease of use.  When you outsource to us you just pay for each employee we process.  With pricing from £18 per month that will be significantly less than payroll software plus your valuable time.

Our payroll services

If you decide to outsource your payroll to us the only thing you have to do, once we have your payroll set up, is tell us about any changes.  This could include adding overtime or bonuses, deductions for attachment of earnings orders, sickness absence or unpaid time off, or calculating holiday entitlement.  Pension scheme contributions are calculated and the information submitted to the pension provider.  

When you have outsourced to us you will receive your payroll information through an online portal or by email if you prefer and your employees will receive their pay documents on their pay day (payslip, P60 and P45) via an app on their phone, an online portal or by email.

Once you have approved the payroll employee payments can be set up ready for you to authorise with one click, saving you time entering payments for each individual employee and avoiding human error.

We work with businesses who have between 1 and 50 employees.

Contact us 

We guarantee you will find our payroll and pension auto enrolment services efficient and accurate, so if you want to have peace of mind and access to our payroll experts give us a call on 01722 341820.  Watch our video about our payroll services to find out more.