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Good news for employers


From April 2014 all employers will be able to deduct up to £2,000 from their Employers National Insurance Contribution (NIC).  This allowance was announced in the March 2013 budget and was given as a benefit to encourage employers to take on an additional employee or two. The benefit will only be applicable if you have employees earning over £663 per month.  

You will need to apply for the Employment Allowance through your payroll software and once claimed the £2,000 will be available each payroll year until the Government announces otherwise.  The allowance should be used against employers NICs due each month until it is used up.  Any unused allowance cannot be carried forward.  

New employers registering part way through the financial year will be entitled to claim the full £2,000 allowance.

For further information on the Employment Allowance.HMRC Employment Allowance

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