Our clients have different reasons for choosing us to be their bookkeeper but ultimately they want to know that their accounts are accurate, their VAT returns are done properly and submitted before the deadline and their accountant doesn't have to spend time re-doing their work after the year end.

  • You may have a bookkeeper already but are you confident they are doing a good job?
  • You may be doing the accounts yourself but do you have the time or the knowledge to do them right?

Whatever the reason, if you become one of our clients we can guarantee peace of mind, efficiency and accuracy.  We have been providing bookkeeping and payroll support to businesses since 2003 and our qualified bookkeepers have a wide range of knowledge and experience.  They understand the finances of each business they work with and are able to give guidance in addition to the regular bookkeeping support.  Working with businesses in different industries they are able to draw on processes, technology and actions which could be beneficial to a business in another industry.

Our clients often ask us for advice or additional support with a challenge they have.  Whilst we work outside of the business, we can be very much part of it and it is often easier to talk things through with us than with other people in your business.

Some of the things we have helped out clients with over the last few months include:

  • Identifying how to more easily report on actual against budget with some very specific (and awkward) grouping - and taking on management of this
  • Discussion with a business which needs to diversify and between us we identified numerous opportunities - it helps to bounce ideas around with someone else
  • Identifying the most suitable VAT scheme for a business and registering them for VAT
  • Identifying suitable new accounts software with stock-control and an ability to be linked to online sales for a long established business - then setting up the software and training the accounts team to use it
  • Advising a business on the steps for setting up a new business and setting up the accounts software, applying for VAT registration, employer registration and pension set up

Some businesses only want to know their accounts are accurate, their VAT returns are filed on time and their accountant receives their year end accounts in a  format they can work with.  As long as everything is ticking over smoothly we have little contact with those business owners.  However other businesses want more support and monthly management reports and we keep in touch to help them with any issues they have.

Every business is different in their needs and as long as we know their expectations we can accommodate them.  If their requirements are not something we can help with or have the knowledge or experience to advise them on we will always explain why and where possible refer them to someone we think will be able to help them.  

We work with Xero and Sage accounts software, and generally work with clients on a monthly basis, although for larger businesses this can be fortnightly.  Most businesses  we work with are VAT registered and we submit monthly or quarterly VAT returns; but we do also have several business which are not VAT registered.  

If you need a bookkeeper who can support your business and keep your accounts accurately and up to date on a regular basis give us a call.  We are a friendly team with years of experience and we are happy to talk through what you need to see if we can help you.  We do payroll too so all your regular accounting needs are completed in one place.