If you are in business finance is an important aspect of that business.  Business is not just about selling goods or services.  Having your finger on the pulse of your finances will help your business to go in the right direction.

A bookkeeper will provide financial support to your business, keeping your accounts up to date and organised, ensuring the figures you want to look at to plan the development of your business are accurate.  If you are VAT registered a bookkeeper will ensure your VAT returns are done on time and that VAT is claimed and paid appropriately.  And once your accounts are completed to your financial year end the information will be passed to your accountant in a format they can work with along with any additional information they may need.

We have been providing bookkeeping and payroll support to a variety of businesses both locally in Wiltshire and across the country.  Our clients have different reasons for choosing us.  Sometimes they just don't want to do it themselves anymore, sometimes they find themselves without a bookkeeper and sometimes they just want a complete change of software and process.

We work mainly with Xero and have changed several businesses from Sage to Xero to improve their accounting function and process, although we will not make the change if Sage suits the business better.

It is always difficult to explain exactly what a bookkeeper does as it varies so much between businesses and their needs but the basis is about ensuring your day to day income and expenses are recorded appropriately in order to produce accurate and regular reports to aid business planning.

Our clients often ask us for advice or additional support with a challenge they have.  Whilst we work outside of the business, we can be very much part of it and it is often easier to talk things through with us than with other people in your business.  Recently we have supported clients with

  • The use of external invoicing and inventory management software to link with Xero 
  • Producing bespoke management reports
  • Research on suitable cashflow projection software for a growing business
  • Liaison with HMRC for a change of legal entity for VAT purposes and completion of relevant forms
  • Discussion with a business owner relating to VAT registration and the most appropriate scheme
  • Reviewing and reallocating transactions in Xero for a new business and managing the bookkeeping going forward

We are a friendly team of bookkeepers who are here to support businesses by keeping their accounts up to date and accurate.  If you need some help just give us a call and we can talk through your needs to see if we can help you.