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How does your response to new enquiries reflect on you and your business? Do you pay for advertising but don't bother to follow up when someone makes an enquiry? The way my enquiry is dealt with, whatever the type of business, will, in most cases, will make my decision for me.  If I contact two or three companies with the same enquiry the one that is responsive, interested and helpful will be my choice.  First impressions really count. This was really brought home to me over the last few weeks…
Now is certainly a challenging time to be in business.  Business owners are concerned about the future of their business and how they will manage their finances.  Business owners need someone to talk through their concerns with to help them clarify what they need to do next and how they can manage. And that is why I have set aside…
Businesses fail for many reasons but nearly all of them cite outside forces working against them - rent or rate rises, parking charges, delays caused by suppliers, no support from the bank, etc, etc. What they don't think about is that maybe they are selling the wrong product…
This week I thought I would tell you about my experience of good customer service - not once, but twice in one week. A couple of weeks ago unfortunately I had reason to make 3 complaints about services in just two days. Its not something I would normally do but all of these things I felt should be reported.…
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