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Many businesses have been formed over the last 9 months whilst we have been in this never before experienced situation.  Employees have been furloughed and some businesses have not been able to continue trading, or not in the way they have done previously. This has given people time to think and assess their work future…
Whilst this has been a tough year for many businesses there are some people who decided that this year was as good a time as any to set up a business.  Some people will have found the time to think and plan what they really want to do whilst they had more time on their hands.  Some people will have always had an idea in the back of their mind and this year has given them the opportunity to explore the opportunities and take their idea forward.  Others may have a hobby which they have been able to spend more time on and have found there is a market for their product. You may not think you are setting up a business.  Its just a bit of extra income.  But…
During my 15 minute drive to work each day I encounter 17 roundabouts.  Its a pleasant journey with no nose to tail traffic and stopping only to give way at the roundabouts and a possible halt at a single set of traffic lights.  This morning was no different except…
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