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All businesses need to keep an annual record of their income and their business expenses in order to report them to HMRC through a tax return if they are a sole trader, through partnership accounts if their business is a partnership or through statutory accounts if they are a limited company.   So it is important that businesses keep regular and accurate records…
As a bookkeeper I have contact with lots of business owners who are in one or more of the following situations and need help.  It is always difficult to ask for help when you don't know exactly what you need help with but just know you can't continue as you are. …
There is more to being in business than having a 9 to 5 job.  Being your own boss seems idyllic when you are employed, have regular hours and a regular income.  Being able to work as and when you want, where you want and how you want is the flexibility you crave when you are employed.  Being able to be choosy about the people you work with and the work you do is an exciting prospect.…
What is important to you when you are considering outsourcing your bookkeeping? Maybe you just need someone, anyone, to just organise all that paperwork which keeps appearing.  Do they need to know what they are doing?  Do they need experience? If you want to keep your finances on track you will need someone who can do more than just organise paperwork.  You need someone who understands accounts, can do what you need them to do and is reliable and honest too.…
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