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The majority of businesses will need to provide their customers with an invoice for the goods they have bought or the services they have received.  The format of that invoice and how it is presented to the customer will vary from business to business.  …
Last week we finally had our Christmas get together.  With December being short on working days and a hectic schedule for everyone both at work and at home during December we decided to do something in January instead.…
Are you an employer who agrees a net pay arrangement with their employees?  This net pay arrangement means that you as an employer guarantees that an employee will receive the same amount of pay every pay day.This creates a financial risk to your business because…
Being a bookkeeper and a business owner means my day rarely runs to plan.  A full day of bookkeeping only happens when I visit clients because there are no telephone calls, emails, visitors, staff or other priorities requiring my attention. When I am in the office for the day I often leave feeling I haven't achieved anything that I wanted to.  Today was one of those days so I thought for my blog this week I would look back at today and see what I really did achieve.So, this was today in the life of a bookkeeper and business owner .................…
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