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HMRC have told us for several years now that we must file our payroll returns on or before the date the employee is paid.  Most employers have a regular payment date and as a payroll bureau we ensure that we file the return on or before that payment date. But what happens if you forget to or are unable to file a return on the payment date? …
We are often asked this question by business owners taking on their first employee particularly if they are not going to be working many hours.  Employers believe that because they aren't paying their employee very much they don't need to put them on the payroll but that is not necessarily the case.  Or perhaps because they are just taking them on for a trial period of a week or month they think it is a waste of time adding them to the payroll.  Neither of these reasons will be considered by HMRC as an acceptable excuse for not putting your employee on the payroll if it is found later that they should have been.…
Have you seen the Xero adverts on TV or heard them on the radio?  Xero accounting software has become extremely popular and now has more than 2 million subscribers around the world.  Perhaps you are already a Xero user but feel that you are not using it as well as you might?…
A New Year is about looking forward and planning what you are going to achieve in the next six months, the next year or perhaps the next five years.  But a New Year is also about looking back to what you have achieved in the previous year or years.  If you don't look back sometimes you can't see how far you have come. Twelve years ago,…
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