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It is more than 3 years ago that small businesses began to have an obligation to set up an auto enrolment pension scheme for their employees.  There was a lot of information available to employers at the time through the media as well as by post so there couldn't have been anyone who wasn't aware that they had a legal duty to set up a pension scheme for their employees who were eligible to join a scheme. In February 2016 I was invited to give evidence to…
If you decided to outsource your bookkeeping would you choose a bookkeeper or an accountant?  It can be confusing because many accountants offer bookkeeping services and therefore are a one-stop shop for your bookkeeping and your tax return or statutory accounts.  Bookkeepers provide bookkeeping services (and tax returns in some cases) and do not offer the services which accountants offer because they are not qualified tax advisers. So you might think that an accountancy firm is the best solution because…
When keeping your accounts records you can choose whether to record your transactions on a cash or accrual basis so it is important to understand these terms when it comes to understanding your finances as they can each give a different picture of your business for the same period. Recording transactions on a cash basis means…
As business owners we are all encouraged to set goals in order to achieve what we set out to do.  Whether those are 5 year or 10 year goals to achieve a specific personal dream or short term goals to take baby steps towards your long term dream. There are numerous books written by successful business owners sharing…
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