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I was chatting with a business owner today who said there are only two advantages to being self-employed - you can go on holiday when you like and you can work with who you want to. That started me thinking - are there really only two advantages and no disadvantages?  If that was the case why isn't everyone self-employed?…
Its that time of year when we may be thinking about how to reward our employees for their support during the year.  A Christmas meal, a bonus, a bottle of wine or some chocolates? …
As an employer you may be unsure whether your employee can take holiday when they are off sick.  Employees can request that they use their holiday during periods of sickness instead of receiving sick pay.…
If you are a sole trader preparing to file your tax return did you know that some of your business expenses can be calculated using HMRC's rules for simplified expenses?  This includes motor vehicle costs and working from home which can often be time consuming to keep records of.…
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