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Businesses receive payment from their customers in different ways.  Shops and online retailers have the advantage of receiving payment when they make the sale and therefore mostly have no issues with customers not paying.…
More businesses are moving to cloud accounting software.  With Making Tax Digital for Businesses just 12 months away it makes sense to get ready now and move your accounts to software that will be compliant with the new regulations. Cloud accounting software is user friendly and makes keeping your accounting records a whole lot easier.  VAT returns can be submitted directly to HMRC at the press of a button and as we get closer to April 2019 developers will be updating software to cope with the new requirements.…
On 9 March 2018 HMRC released the names of employers who have paid their staff less than the minimum wage.  They release this report quarterly and it is surprising how many businesses are on this list each quarter.  This time there are 179 businesses who have underpaid their employees between £100 and £133,000.  They don't report on underpayments less than £100 although that doesn't mean they don't take action.…
The new tax year starts on 6th April and with it comes changes to the tax rates and thresholds.  Here is a quick round up of what this might mean for you.…
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