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HMRC have issued the new rates for fuel from 1st March until 31st May 2019.  These rates are used to reimburse employees for business travel in their company car or…
HMRC is not always right when it comes to what you owe them.  Over the years we have had lots of situations where HMRC have told our clients they have underpaid PAYE when they haven't.  Although, to be fair, they do notify clients when they have overpaid too. …
I have worked with Xero since 2011 and whilst it is not the only software we use it has become more popular both with our customers and our bookkeepers.  It is user friendly and is generally quicker to work with than traditional desk top softwares.Whilst there are lots of positives to using the software there are some negatives too which it is worth being aware of.…
HMRC have numerous tools and calculators available on their website.  Whether you want to get an estimate of the tax you may have to pay in the current year, your Statutory Maternity Pay entitlement or whether you want to find out if you qualify for tax credits there will be a useful calculator for you.  The tools cover a wide variety of topics but the most recent one is about Preparing your Business for the UK leaving the EU.…
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