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Creditors are the suppliers you owe money to but have you ever thought to check whether the report generated from your accounts software is accurate? When we take over bookkeeping work one of the things we check is the age of the supplier invoices awaiting payment. …
March is the chosen financial year end for more than 60% of our bookkeeping clients, whether they are a sole trader or a limited company.  So in April and May we are completing March and April bookkeeping for our bookkeeping clients, completing their VAT returns and finalising their accounts to hand over to their accountant.  This year, despite the additional workload created by COVID-19,…
Whilst you have time to spare and are looking to reduce your overheads now would be the time to look at the charges for taking payments by card.  You will be paying fees to offer your customers this service and every merchant services provider will charge differently.…
The last six weeks has been the most overwhelming time I have had in the 16 years since I have been in business.  The sheer volume of work created by the current situation which has not only significantly increased the time needed to do payroll four-fold but dealing with the almost continuous telephone calls and emails in that first two weeks from clients who just needed to talk things through and get some advice.  I really enjoy talking to clients…
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