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It has been about 5 years since one of my clients had a visit from a VAT inspector. It always comes as a bit of a shock when they do want to arrange a visit especially as I was just about to go on holiday and they wanted the visit the week I got back!  There is, of course, always concern that they have a specific reason for visiting which they are not going to tell you about until they arrive!  This VAT inspection was with a business which hasn't had a visit for almost 20 years even though it has quite a complex VAT situation.  …
Having spent several weeks being bombarded by emails relating to GDPR I am beginning to wonder whether anything has actually changed. I received emails telling me I had to opt in, emails telling me I had to opt out and privacy policies from businesses I don't have anything to do with.  I know I am not the only one who has had enough of GDPR.  Of course we all want to do the right thing for our business and I am sure most small businesses were already protecting sensitive data anyway.…
Last week was a time of celebration.  A wedding has been the discussion of our office for the last few months and Saturday was the day.…
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