Yes.  Anyone can, but it doesn't mean they get it right or understand it!

The team who process payroll for our clients have a recognised payroll qualification and don't just rely on using payroll software to do the calculations.  Being able to calculate payroll manually has been invaluable on occasions.  If the software doesn't produce the result you are expecting you can work out why because you know how to calculate it manually.  Proper training provides an insight into various aspects of payroll which may not be common but will prepare you for more complex or one-off situations.  Our payroll team have qualified with the International Association of Bookkeepers and have won national Payroll Professional awards.

Jan Romer-Lee

It surprises me how many individuals and businesses provide a payroll service but use people who are not qualified and therefore have to find out about payroll complexities as they go along.  Its a bit like having a hairdresser who hasn't been trained - the end result may not be what you expect!

Of course some payrolls are very straightforward but, as with anything, you don't know what you don't know until you have undertaken training.  The HMRC website now provides a lot of information about dealing with starters, leavers, maternity, sickness, etc but if you think you know how to do it you wouldn't think of checking that you are doing it right.  And of course things change. 

HMRC may be lenient if you get things wrong but if you want to talk to them to find out how to put something right you are unlikely to ever get through on the phone.  HMRC have recently confirmed that only 80% of calls are answered and that presumably doesn't count the people who get cut off when they have spent ages listening to and choosing options or those that have put the phone down after 30 minutes or more waiting because they need to get to a meeting.

You could write to them but you are unlikely to get a response.  So your only support is reading and understanding the website. Whatever option you choose is time consuming and may still not guarantee the payroll is processed correctly.

Can you afford to use someone to do your payroll who is unqualified and inexperienced? Using a payroll bureau is a cost effective option which will guarantee you an efficient and knowledgeable payroll service.  Outsourcing your payroll is peace of mind.  

We provide payroll services for businesses with up to 50 employees and will be providing support with auto enrolment.  We will even deal with HMRC on your behalf if needed.

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