There is no avoiding pension auto enrolment if you are an employer.  The fines are significant if you do not comply.  Even if you are the only employee and director of the business there is still action you need to take.  Pension Auto Enrolment

We launched our Auto Enrolment Administration Service to our payroll clients last week and the sense of relief that we would be able to deal with this minefield for them was evident. Managing auto enrolment will be time consuming, confusing and frustratrating for employers.  There are around 110,000 businesses reaching their Staging Date each month of 2016.  That will put intense pressure on the pension companies and employers.  We have researched cost effective schemes available to small businesses and our clients now have the information they need to make a choice.

As an employer you have responsibilities but we will ease the burden of those responsibilities by taking control of the process and ensuring your Staging Date deadline is met. All you will need to do is choose a pension scheme, authorise us to act on your behalf and pay the monthly pension deductions when due.  

Our payroll service and auto enrolment administration service will integrate seamlessly.  Because our team works closely together there will be no breakdown in communication between different service providers.

You know you have to do something about auto enrolment.  If you keep putting it off the closer you get to your Staging Date the less time you will have to research, plan and set up your pension scheme.  If you want to avoid those hefty fines (between £50 and £500 per day) and ensure that you are meeting your obligations as an employer take action now.  We need to start implementing the process a minimum of six months before your Staging Date so the sooner you contact us at the better.  Your scheme can be set up many months in advance of your Staging Date and lay dormant until Staging Date is reached.  Leave it later than six months and fees will be higher as there will be less time to get your scheme set up in time.

Contact Karen Reyolds on 01722 341820 to find out how we can help your business with pension auto enrolment.