Did you know that HMRC have webinars available on lots of different topics which provide you with support or guidance?

You can sign up to email alerts so you can join live sessions or search for just those webinars which will provide information on a particular topic.  To sign up for these emails follow this link to HMRC Email Alerts.

You can find webinars on VAT, the Construction Industry Scheme, your responsibilities as a Company Director and on being self-employed to name just a few.  Within each topic you will find links to related topics.  Here is the link to see each of the topics covered by HMRC.

So far example if you want to know more about whether to become VAT registered then follow the Help and Support for VAT link and you will find a list of VAT related topics to choose from.  Topics such as When to Register for VAT, keeping VAT records or information about the new Reverse Charge for Construction Industry may be useful.

The webinars on employing people will be useful whether you are a new employer or an employer who has to make statutory payments for sickness or maternity for the first time.  

Watching webinars or reading HMRC text is not necessarily the best way of learning for some people which is why businesses choose to outsource their bookkeeping and its related challenges to someone with experience.  Payroll too can prove to be complex and whilst a webinar or information provided by HMRC may help, just being able to talk things through with an experienced payroll administrator can make a complex subject a lot easier to understand.

We provide support to all our clients whether it is how much taking on a new employee will cost the business or when is the right time for the business to become VAT registered.  There is value in outsourcing to a business that can help you with lots of different aspects of running your business and getting things right.  If you would like to become a client of ours and have access to the support we can give you please get in touch.  We like to help our clients and ultimately help their businesses develop through having the right information.

Don't forget the HMRC webinars though.  They will give you additional guidance and information or at least give you food for thought.