We all have expectations of ourselves and others and it can be disappointing when others don't do what we expect of them.

In business we have expectations about the product we are buying or the service we want to receive.  Our experience of receiving that product or service hopefully meets our expectations or even exceeds them.  But how often are you critical because it didn't live up to your expectations?  We have expectations of staff too and if we are disappointed in their performance perhaps it is because we haven't told them what we expect.

For many years now we have been able to read reviews about a product we are planning to buy, a hotel we want to visit or a particular restaurant we want to try.  We probably rely on these reviews to make our decision for us.  But our experience may be nothing like those people had.  Our expectations may be greater and we end up disappointed.

We provide a service to our clients and it is really important to me that we understand the expectations of our potential new client.  We usually hear from business owners  because they aren't happy with their bookkeeper or accountant.  But I know from experience that everyone has different expectations of the service they want and it is important that we establish this before we even start work with them.

We need to know what is important to our potential new client?  How often do they want their accounts done, do they want monthly management reports, do they want to know their VAT liability on a regular basis, do they want us to follow up on overdue sales invoices, how do they like to be contacted.  There is a myriad of questions to ask.  Some of these will be answered during our initial chat but other questions must be asked.  Otherwise how can we commit to giving them the service that they are looking for?

And, of course, once we know the expectations we can be honest about whether we can meet them.  We don't want to be criticised for not being what they want us to be when they didn't tell us what that was.  

Selling products is different to providing a service because the product is what it is and someone either wants to buy it or they don't.  But if they do want to buy it that's when the expectation of service kicks in - communication.  Acknowledgement, estimated delivery date, follow up with firm delivery date and time, and, of course, the product arriving well packaged and as expected.

If you approach us to provide your bookkeeping or payroll services we want to at least meet your expectations, if not exceed them.  We want you to be more than happy with the service you receive.  But we will ask you questions in our initial chat to make sure we can get it right.  And if we don't think we can don't be disappointed when we say we can't help you.  We have high expectations of ourselves and want to give all our clients the bookkeeping or payroll service they need.

If you are disillusioned or disappointed with your bookkeeper or payroll provider or even with the bookkeeping or payroll that your accountant does for you, give us a call and we will see if we can provide the service you are looking for.  Whether you want reliability, efficiency, or just someone you feel you can talk to we can help you.  We interact with our clients regularly as the relationship is as important to us as doing our job well.