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How do you find an expert when you need one?


Lots of businesses need specialist help from time to time and for more than 10 years we have been helping business owners with their bookkeeping and payroll.  Now we are delighted that we can offer even greater support for our clients. 

We are frequently asked if we can recommend someone to help with a business issue.  That need is often related to HR and needs a quick response but until now we haven't been able to recommend a specialist who we could trust to respond quickly, as we do, but who would be used to working with SMEs and therefore would understand how they differ from large organisations.    

At a networking event I met Debbie Anstis, from Monahans, who is a Health and Safety expert and shortly after I met with Debbie and her colleague, Peta Fry, a Human Resources (HR) Consultant.  I instantly felt that they both have the same values our business does and are approachable and therefore would be ideal to provide these very useful services to our clients.  

There is a very fine line between HR and payroll and sometimes, as a payroll provider, we are just not qualified to give an answer.  Having an HR Specialist to work with is perfect for us and our clients.  Our clients will be able to have their personnel documents checked and updated, or have bespoke employment contracts written and we will be able to direct them to Peta to deal with their unexpected or difficult employee situation.    

Health and Safety is a topic all business owners know they need to be aware of but how many have time to find out exactly what they need to do.  Did you know that as an employer you are legally required to assess the risks in your workplace so that you can put a plan in place to control those risks?  And that you should also do a fire risk assessment?  If you have five or more employees did you know that you must have a written Health and Safety policy?

Debbie will be offering our clients a free Health and Safety check of their premises with a review of their documents followed by a report outlining any problems and making suggestions.  Business owners will then be able to prepare their own documents with this guidance or they can save time and ask Debbie to do it for them!  Debbie will also support businesses with the Health & Safety aspect of tender applications.  Having someone experienced to do this can only be of benefit.

Find out more about our new HR and Health and Safety Services and give us a call if any of our services can help your business.  



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