Christmas has arrived in our office!  The Christmas tree is up, the first tin of chocolates is being devoured and we have made our annual collection for a local charity.

Three years ago we decided to forgo our Secret Santa in the office and donate what we would have spent to a local charity.  The first year we bought items for shoeboxes which were packed and sent to Bulgaria and Serbia.  The team then spent half a day together sorting and packing a mountain of shoeboxes which had been donated by individuals and organisations locally.  It was good to do something together as a team but so exhausting compared to our day jobs!

Two years ago we were told about another local charity, the Women's Refuge, which needed small gifts for the women and children resident with them at Christmas. We decided we would again donate what we would have spent on Secret Santa to buying them gifts.


Christmas Gifts | Sandra Silk Bookkeeping





Donating gifts at Christmas has now become part of our build up to Christmas.  We decided again we would like to buy some gifts for the local Women's Refuge so two of our team collected our donations and went on a spending spree!  And this is what they came back with.  

Its so nice being able to give something, however small, to help others in our local community at this time of year.

December is always a busy time for our bookkeepers and payroll administrators because it is a shorter working month but we still have the same deadlines. We are all looking forward to a few days off between Christmas and New Year to recharge our batteries and spend time with family and friends.

Sandra Silk Team

We wish everyone we know, and those we may get to know next year, a very happy Christmas.